30 June 2021: Nanna’s new article on Greenlandic research

Nanna has published an article entitled “Mellem (post)kolonialitet og videnskab: Hinrich Rinks forskningsnetværk i Grønland og idéen om en international arktisk forskningshub” in the Danish-language journal Økonomi & Politik.

The article is part of the special issue ‘Arktiske Relationer’, edited by Marc Jacobsen and Ulrik Pram Gad. Nanna’s article examines how the formation of Greenlandic science has both shaped and been influenced by the historical tensions between internationalism and nationalism in the colonial and post-colonial context. The article can be read free of charge here.
Image – Det kongelige bibliotek: KBK 4100-13-1878/2, ID DK004190.