12 September 2023: ‘Curating Arctic Cultures’ – Project Workshop 3


The third and final workshop for the project, ”Curating Arctic Cultures’, was held in Cambridge on Tuesday 12 September 2023.

Project Workshop 3 was a focused event to discuss progess and final details for the forthcoming Arctic cultures exhibition in 2024.  We agreed exhibits and display cases, and narrowed down the layout for the exhibition.

The current Arctic Cultures team (Richard Powell, Jenny Dunstall, Morgan Ip and Liz Walsh) were joined for the day by colleagues from the Polar Museum team (David Waterhouse, Naomi Chapman, Henrietta Hammant, Rosie Amos and Laura Ibbett).


Workshop 3 was held at Girton College, Cambridge.  Morgan’s scale model of the Polar Museum’s Temporary Gallery proved even more popular than during Workshop 2 back in February 2023. This time, it was supplemented by a 3D digital visualisation tool.